शनिवार, 2 मई 2009

The truth of Bihar's development.

In Bihar, the last phase of the 15th Lok Sabha elections is underway. For the first time, issues of development are prominent. During election campaigns, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has projected himself as the harbinger of development. And he also rapped the Centre on this issue saying the Central UPA Government is not giving the right attention to Bihar. And UPA leaders are alleging that Bihar’s development is due to the Centre’s money. But Nitish dismisses them as liars.
But the Bihar state government has some papers are stating something else about its achievements. But a reply to an RTI has shown that the Central government has helped the Nitish government more than the erstwhile Lalu-Rabri government in Bihar. Also the information states that international agencies are helping the state government on a big level but still the money is not fully being utilised by the state government.
Under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, the information got from the state government has falsified the campaigning claims of the state government leaders. Statistics show that during the NDA government, between 2003-04, the Bihar government got Rs 1617.62 crores from the Centre. But after the change in power at the Centre, the Centre began to pay double the amount to the state government. In the first financial year 2004-05, the Centre gave an amount of Rs 2831.83 crores to the Bihar state government.
After this, the power changed on the state level, and Mr Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar. This government formed by BJP support, got Rs 3332.72 crores from the Central government during the year 2005-06. During the next financial year, in 2006-07, the amount was increased to Rs 5247.10 crores. The statistics after this are not available by the state government, but officials believe that the Centre has increased help nonetheless. So if we talk of statistics given by the state government, then we find that the present state government has got Rs 8579.83 crores from the Centre, while the last state government got Rs 7984.56 crores from the Centre in the last five years.
There is another element that questions the state government’s activities on development in Bihar. Statistics reveal that the government is not keen on spending the money it receives.
The state government, during the year 2006-07, has got Rs 92.92 lakh rupees from the World Bank, but only Rs 60 lakh rupees were spent. In the next financial year 2007-08, Bihar government got Rs 464.15 crores from the World Bank. But documents reveal that the state government spent only Rs 6.13 crores out of this. Not only this, but there is a ward in Bihar which states in written that during Nitish’s tenure there was no development work there.
The documents by the state government also reveal that the state government has been more intent in promotional activities than in developmental activities. During the year 2005-08, Bihar’s Information & Public Relations Department has issued 28,000 different advertisements and for this purpose, the department has spent Rs 19.56 crores. But it is not only this. The developmental activities for which crores of rupees have been spent is not known to educated people, leave alone the others. For example, to help the indisposed of Bihar, a call centre “solution” was started with the very motive. The government officials however turned out to be the healthiest out of this initiative. And now it is only to see when they will be afflicted by Diabetes.
Anyways, after cutting the harvests and staying in air-conditioned tents and looking out to the conditions of the villages, while riding high on the chariots of his “Nyaya Yatra and Vikas Yatra”, people really expect the Chief Minister to honestly speak in his speeches. Honesty, the word that changed the government in Bihar. The word on which the present government came to power in Bihar.


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