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Azad’s family was apprehensive of fake encoutner

Mother of top Maoist leader Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad, who was killed in an encounter on Friday morning, feared his son would be killed in a fake encounter by police and had appealed to the Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan to save his son from being trapped in such a situation. 

Panini Anand

Special Correspondent

Azad’s mother  had written a letter to the Chief Justice on March 20, appealing to save Azad from the possible encounter.
She had written that “whenever people are arrested without any announcement, they are generally killed in a fake encounter, and I am worried about my son’s safety”.

However, the Supreme Court did not take any action in view of this appeal, saying that neither it could be treated as public interest litigation nor the appellant has signed the application.

Azad and Hem Chand Pandey were killed in an encounter exactly after three months and ten days after the appeal was filed in the highest court.

Andhra police is boasting of this encounter while the Maoist sympathizers and social activist are asserting that Azad and Hem Chand were killed in a frame-up.

Hem Chand Pandey’s wife Babita addressed a press conference on Saturday evening in Press Club in the national capital. She claimed that her husband was killed in a staged encounter by the police and she will file a case against the Andhra Pradesh Police.
The editor of the Nainital Samachar a prominent newspaper from Uttarakhand, Rajiv Lochan Shah, who was present during the press conference, told the reporters that Hem Chand Pandey was a freelance journalist. Shah condemned his killing by Police. 

Babita told the reporters that her husband was a freelance journalist and had gone to Nagpur on an assignment. She further added that she was in touch with him till June 30. She added that Hem Chand was picked from Nagpur by the police on July 1 and later taken to Andhra Pradesh, where he was killed.

The appeal made by Azad’s mother and the claims made by Hemchand’s wife have raised doubts on the so-called encounter.

Social activists and the Maoist sympathizers have slammed the police for this fake encounter, they say that these fake encounters can weaken the efforts put in by the govermenrt to solve the Naxal problem.

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