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Corrupt Cops Accuse Whistleblower in Exam Scam


1) The Home Minister -Shri R.R.Patil

2) The Director General of Police - Shri D.Sivanandhan

Dear Sir,

Subject : Corrupt Cops Accuse Whistleblower in Exam Scam

Reference : Cover story in yesterday's Mumbai Mirror (pasted below this letter)

The below news article is self explanatory.

Smt. Aparna Kamankar blew the whistle on the exam scam spearheaded by her husband, Shri Ganesh Kamankar. Unfortunately, the lady who thus risked her marriage & personal life for the sake of her conscience and in the interest of the students has been named as an accused by the corrupt & incompetent cops, viz.Sr.P.I Subhash Patil (98208-55505) & the IO Rajesh Waghmare of Mahatma Phule Police Station, Kalyan (Landline no. 0251-2314800).

You are requested to initiate inquiry against these corrupt & incompetent cops for criminal misconduct and also verify if their assets are disproportionate to their known sources of income. Please ensure fast track departmental punishment and also registration of criminal offenses under the Prevention of Corruption Act. If the law permits you may even want to blacken their faces and have them paraded on the streets of Kalyan & Karjat.

You are also requested to ensure that the scamster is properly interrogated in police custody and exemplary punishment is given to him at the earliest.

Please intimate us the action taken by you in this matter.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours truly,

Rajesh Darak, Secretary, Whistleblowers India

8, Varsha, North South Road No.5, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai - 400 056. Cell : 98206-83005.

 Cops book woman who exposed her hubby’s exam scam...

Aparna Kamankar gave cops the evidence against husband who sold answersheets; she’s now booked for sharing this information too late!

Yogesh Sadhwani

A young housewife, who courageously exposed her husband and in the process a huge answersheets-for-money scam in October, now finds herself in a Kafkaesque situation with the cops booking her on the grounds that she should have exposed her husband much earlier.

Aparna Kamankar

Aparna Kamankar, 23, married to Professor Ganesh Kamankar, a teacher at Yadavrao Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Karjat, had given the cops everything they could have possibly required to seal the case against her husband -- stolen answersheets, supplementary sheets, official seals and barcodes. Plus, she also told them all about the bundles of cash he would bring home almost every week and how large groups of students would write papers at their house in Neral.

But instead of thanking her for the help and making her a witness in the case, the Kalyan police have booked her on the charge that she was privy to her husband's activities for a long time before she decided to expose him. "She had the knowledge of what her husband was up to while she was staying with him and did not blow the lid off the scam. Though she was not directly involved, the very fact that she had knowledge of the scam and never complained, tantamounts to abetment," said Senior Inspector Subhash Patil.

Aparna, who had moved in with her parents after her husband's arrest, has now gone into hiding. "How could they have booked me? Had it not been for me, police would have never figured out what my husband was up to. I just don't know what to make of it," she told this correspondent over the phone from an undisclosed location.

The gritty woman, however, is already preparing to file for an anticipatory bail and fight it out legally. "I have sacrificed everything I had for the sake of truth. The police are mistaken if they think this will scare me," Aparna added.

Advocate Ayaz Khan, noted criminal lawyer, describes the case against Aparna as motivated prosecution. "Police is absolutely wrong in booking the woman who blew the whistle. Also, as per Evidence Act conversation between a husband and wife is privileged and a  spouse cannot be forced to depose against his/her partner," he said.

Aparna married Ganesh on July 14, 2010 and moved to Neral. It was a love match and while initially it all went well, she was taken aback when one day Ganesh returned home with a bundle of cash. When she asked him the source of the money, he was evasive.
Aparna had exposed her husband, Professor Ganesh Kamankar, in the answer sheets scam in October

In the next few weeks, Ganesh got more cash home. Every time she asked him where it all was coming from, he would ask her not to worry too much about it and spend the money as she wished to. However, she got all the answers a few days later when a group of students came to the house and began writing papers on answersheets provided by her husband. It was then that she figured how her husband was making all that money.

Over the next few days, she tried to convince him to give up this life of duplicity. He, however, ignored her pleas.

But Aparna had made up her mind. When Ganesh arrived home with a bundle the next time, she refused to take it.

A heated argument broke out and Ganesh hit Aparna and threw her out. When leaving the house, Aparna quietly packed the stolen answer-sheets, supplementary sheets, university seals and bar-codes in her bag and later gave it all the Kalyan police later.

Sixteen people, including Aparna, have been booked in the scam. "Our investigations reveal that Ganesh in collusion with several other officials from Tasgaonkar College and few agents helped students write papers fraudulently. Mumbai University answersheets were sneaked out and used for the purpose. The magnitude of the scam is large. sThis expose will go a long way in protecting the interest of engineering students," said Senior Inspector Patil.

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