शनिवार, 15 जनवरी 2011

Please Help me...

I had made a complaint of Rs.100 Crore Scam made by Shri Akhilesh Das Gupta & His Wife Smt.Alka Das Gupta with Indian Mercantile Cooperative Bank Ltd., Lucknow to Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow but they were not lodging my complaint afterwards I had approached to Reserve Bank of India – Mumbai & Reserve Bank of India – Kanpur, some how may be from the pressure of higher Authorities RBI Lucknow & Kanpur had lodged my complaint & after lot of harassment  I had received letter From R.B.I. Kanpur (KANP-REPLY) & R.B.I.- Lucknow (Lko-Complain). But again despite my several reminders till dated R.B.I. Lucknow is not giving me the status of my complain. I had also asked them to provide me the status of my complain under RTI Act where as I had got reply from RBI-Mumbai (RTI-Mumbai), RBI-Kanpur (KANPRTI-REPLY) but hearing from RBI Lucknow is still awaited. Where as PIO of R.B.I. Lucknow had confirmed that they had received the fee towards my query (RTILKO-Reply). 
 All these are the clear indications that RBI Lucknow is working under influence of Mr.Akhilesh Das Gupta, MP (Ruling Party in Uttar Pradesh i.e. B.S.P) because the scam was actually made till 2001 and R.B.I. Lucknow lodged case against the said bank as on 1, December, 2009 & got major irregularities in 31/03/2007, where as the actual scam was made till 2001 only & after that in 2004 I had made complaint to that time CGM,RBI Lucknow Mr.S.C.Agarwal alongwith proofs but he never intended to take any action against Mr.Das. 

Simultaneously I had also forwarded this case to CBI-New Delhi (CBI-ND) and CVC – New Delhi (CVC-ND) both replied me and told me that case has been forwarded to Vigilance RBI Mumbai Vigilance RBI had also replied me (VIG-RBI-1 & VIG-RBI-2). Vigilance RBI told me that RBI Lucknow had found major irregularities and RBI Lko had filed case against the Chairman& Board of Directors in Dec, 2009. 
I wish to put up question on RBI Lucknow that what type of inspection they had made that the scam held till 2001 and they found it after election as on Dec 2009 (Coz this was the first time when Mr.Akhilesh Das Gupta was contested for Lok Sabha Elections from Lucknow for BSP) I am having & handover the proofs of this scam to CBI as well as CVC.
After RBI lodged case against the said bank Mr.Akhilesh Das Gupta is terrorizing us & harassing us to procure his proofs because I am having all the proofs of the time of scam where Mr.Gupta had replaced each & everything inside the bank under the guidance of R.B.I. Officials to save himself & his wife.


Note:- For more details about this story, u can contact on 09888033115

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