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National Human Rights Commission provides details on J&K HR cases under RTI – Afroz Sahil

The National Human Rights Commission has provided Delhi-based RTI activist Afroz Sahil the details of cases before the Commission concerning Jammu & Kashmir. The original RTI application (made under the Central RTI Act 2005) was received by the NHRC on 14 June 2010, and the reply was posted 12 July 2010, and the documents were provided to us recently by Mr. Sahil and are included in the following PDF. A profile & biography of Mr. Sahil in the newsweekly Open by Pallavi Polanki from 10 April 2010 can be seen at this link.

Some of the highlights in the RTI reply:

Since founding, the NHRC has received 34 disappearance cases concerning J&K; all have been disposed of. The list of these cases is included in the RTI reply PDF.

Since founding, with respect to J&K, the NHRC has also registered:

18 alleged fake encounters; 0 cases pending

12 police custody deaths; 2 cases pending

9 judicial custody deaths; 4 cases pending

24 communal violence cases; 1 case pending

104 woman exploitation cases; 1 case pending

More broadly, since founding, the NHRC has registered 388 cases concerning the Armed Forces in J&K, of which 52 remain pending.

The NHRC sent a letter to the Chief Ministers of all states on 21 May 2010, reminding them of guidelines issued by the NHRC in 1997 and revised in 2003 on the procedure to be followed after a death during police action/encounter. The letter and the guidelines are included in the reply PDF.

Since founding, the NHRC has concluded that 20 of the J&K cases are “proven” and require compensation totaling Rs. 48.6 lakh in those cases. The details of those cases in shown below and in the reply PDF.

link: http://blog.jkrtimovement.org/?p=2673

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