गुरुवार, 9 अप्रैल 2009


The BJP was the clear No. 1 in the list of Top 10 political parties that received funds from corporates and individuals in 2007-08, having raked in double the amount that the other nine parties put together got. The information was obtained by Delhi-based media student Afroz Alam Sahil under the RTI Act. Aanchal Bansal reports

1. BJP Rs 24.96 cr
2. Congress Rs 7.89 cr
3. NCP Rs 1.02 cr
4. CPI(M) Rs 72.26 lakh
5. TDP Rs 61.89 lakh
6. Shiv Sena Rs 43 lakh
7. CPI Rs 41.25 lakh
8. JD(U) Rs 21 lakh
9. SP Rs 11 lakh
10.AIADMK Rs 1.08 lakh



General Electoral Trust: Rs 5 cr
Videocon Industries Ltd: Rs 2.5 cr

Punj Lloyd Ltd, Delhi: Rs 2 cr
Torrent Power Ltd, Ahmedabad: Rs 2 cr
Niranjan L Hiranandani: Rs 1 cr
Multifaced Finstock Pvt Ltd, Mumbai: Rs 75 lakh
VM Salgaonkar & Bros Pvt Ltd: Rs 72 lakh
VS Dempo and Co. Pvt Ltd, Goa: Rs 62.5 lakh
Chowgule Charitable Trust, Goa: Rs 60 lakh
Mundra Port & Special Eco Zone Ltd, Ahmedabad: Rs 50 lakh

To Congress
Videocon Industries Ltd: Rs 2 cr
Torrent Power Ltd, Ahmedabad: Rs 2 cr
VM Salgaonkar & Bros Pvt Ltd: Rs 72.5 lakh
Chowgule Charitable Trust: Rs 72.5 lakh
Nirmal Chemical Works: Rs 50 lakh
VS & Co. Pvt Ltd, Goa: Rs 50 lakh
Sesa Goa Ltd, Goa: Rs 27.5 lakh
General Electoral Trust: Rs 25 lakh
VS Dempo and Co. Pvt Ltd: Rs 12.5 lakh
Dempo Mining Corporation: Rs 10 lakh

Radha Reality Crop, Rangareddy District: Rs 6 lakh
Gayatri Projects, Hyderabad: Rs 5 lakh
Sew Construction, Pokarna: Rs 5 lakh
G Balreddy, Rangareddy District: Rs 5 lakh
XL Telecom & Engineering Ltd, Secuderabad: Rs 4 lakh
Virchow Cab, Rangareddy District: Rs 3 lakh
Allians, Rangareddy District: Rs 3 lakh
Allies Developers, Rangareddy District: Rs 3 lakh

Kerala state CPI: Rs 10 lakh
AB Bardhan: Rs 6.8 lakh
MP state CPI: Rs 4.5 lakh
Design Lab, New Delhi: Rs 3 lakh
Atul Kumar Anjaan: Rs 2.4 lakh

To Shiv Sena
New Look Construction Pvt Ltd: Rs 15 lakh
Shelatkar Construction Pvt Ltd, Mumbai: Rs 11 lakh
F.A. Construction, Mumbai: Rs 10 lakh
Sai Pushpa Constructions, Mumbai: Rs1.10 lakh
Municipal Karmachari Kamgar Sena: Rs 1 lakh


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