सोमवार, 8 सितंबर 2008

Have a query? Go to new cells of political parties

by Khushboo Sandhu
Looking for legal advice or thinking how toinvest money, political parties in the city have a solution. The parties have various cells catering to voters with diverse backgrounds from various segments.While colony cells for voters in slums and colonies have been known tohave existed for long, new cells targetting the urban voters are being set up.

The Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress has an 'Intellectual Cell'.It comprises professionals from various walks of life includingdoctors, engineers and bankers. The aim is to motivate the educatedyouth of the city to take active part in politics.

President of the cell Anurag Kohli says, "Politics is not a dirtyword, it is the people who make it so. We wanted the message to bepropagated among the youth of the city."Since its inception, the members of the cell have held seminars atregular intervals for the youth. The cell propagates information amongresidents about using the Right to Information Act and also helps hemaddress basic problems like registering FIRs.

Other cells including Sports and Cultural Cell, Legal Cell and DoctorCell are also in operation.

Similar is the case with the BJP that had launched an Investor Cellrecently. Advice would be imparted to help people manage theirinvestments.The party spokesperson informed that the cells facilitate the partiesin getting in touch with people from all segments.

The legal cell, which frequently takes up cases of those belonging tothe poor section of the society, is one such example, added the spokesperson.

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