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Terrorism is promoted in India by the Government

No law can control terrorism.
While this is not to condone terrorism, I am only trying to explain the mental state of the terrorist.
What is required is a just society ... Where one community does not kill the other community members ... If they kill ...There has to be prompt punishment by the state, through the police and the judiciary.
I personally know, how it is to be harassed by the police & the Judiciary. The anger, hatred and the thirst for revenge makes one feel, life is not worth living, if you cannot fight back.
AND I was put in Jail only for 6 days, handcuffed & family harassed at age 58.
Think about the mental state of young men, with hot heads, who are tortured, their family members killed, wives, sisters and mothers raped. They do not need Mulla's to instigate them. The State has already done 90% of the work of the Mulla's and Pakistani's.
And they do not value their own lives any more, they live only to revenge. And when they cannot strike at Politicians and Police and state, because they have immense security, they target innocents.
If I was an illiterate, unable to fight back, what would I have done. The thirst of revenge was intense ? Even as a literate it is almost impossible to get Justice through the present set up.
Still I had kept a deadline of 365 days. Planned something very drastic by 28th March 2006, ( was arrested on 28th March 2005 ) ... Fortunately for me and all, the Sessions Court decided to pass order on 30th January 2006. Clearly stating that I was wrongly arrested, there was no order to seal the property. AND I was arrested for breaking court seal and tresspassing
Still the Rogue Police and the Rogue state Machinery continues to prosecute and trouble me ...details on Internet, visit http://www.RoguePolice.com/cjapex.htm
At present 3 yrs 6 months later, still fighting the same stupid 2005 false case of tresspassing in 3 courts.
The Investigation Police Officer (EOW) had initiated the FIR with help of a Rogue Corrupt Judge of the sessions court. Now this new Judge at Sessions court though admitted it's wrong, it has no powers to withdraw FIR, for which I had to approach the High Court. ... refer http://www.RoguePolice.com/xnarayana.htm ...
The high court was approached, received interim order from HC "Stop all proceedings in Cr 103/05". Still 2 months later Rogue police filed chargesheet in Magistrates court.
In RTI reply, Khar Police replied "Due to heavy work load IO Inspector Dhatrak did not have time to read HC order, so Chargesheet was filed inadvertently".
Approached HC for action for contempt against police ... BUT Justice Bilal Nazki said "Rightly or Wrongly Chargesheet is NOW already filed, so attend Magistrates Court"... And by now had spent lakhs on lawyers.
For the sake of India, someone must reform all the police and the Courts in India ... And bring them on the right path.
Till that happens, Politicians will continue to instigate riots, police will harass victims and both will move around with immense security, forcing the revenge seeking youth target innocents.
Let us assume, the Government will protect innocents in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc by stationing security personnel and sniffer dogs at every 10 feet. Will innocents then be saved ... NO SIR ... Terrorists will simply target innocents in other cities and towns, and India has 1000s of such easy targets, where innocents will continue to suffer.

I K Chhugani http://www.RoguePolice.com

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