शनिवार, 6 सितंबर 2008

RTI activist will be Central Info chief

by Ashutosh Shukla

In what could prove to be a boost for the common man, Right toInformation (RTI) activist Shailesh Gandhi was recently appointed asone of the four Central Information Commissioners (CIC).

Known to be the face of RTI activism in the city, Gandhi consistentlyfought for the act while trying to create awareness about it byorganising lectures and classes. He also unearthed various bureaucratic lacunas in the system.

While outlining his plan of action, Gandhi told DNA, "I categoricallystate that no file will remain with me for more than 90 days. I wantto ensure that there is correct interpretation of the right toinformation and the laws related to it so that there are fewerdisputes. Also, I want to bring about more transparency in thedisbursal system."

Gandhi said that he was also approved for the post by president
Pratibha Patil. "I saw this as a good challenge and accepted it.Normally we just keep criticising the information commissioners fordelays in clearing files and giving judgements. Now that I am in thehot seat, I will either prove that the work can be done efficiently orcompletely fail," he added.

Gandhi has taken the endeavour of serving the office at a salary of Re1.Apart from Gandhi, the other appointments include M Sharma, A Dixitand Satendra Mishra.

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