शनिवार, 6 सितंबर 2008

Muslims make only 3.3 percent of Maharashtra police

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent (Mumbai)

In Maharashtra the number of Muslims in the police department is not according to their population in the state.At the level of police constable the number of Muslims is 3.35percent. At the level of Superintendent of Police and additional superintendent of police there is only one Muslim out of 115.

Several noted personalities including the editor of communalism combatJawed Anand met state home minister RR Patil and demanded that in theongoing recruitment the Muslim should be appointed according to theirpopulation. According to information taken under RTI it has clearedthat the recruitment of Muslims in Police is zero.

Only those Muslim made it to the police department who got educationthrough Marathi medium. In 2005 only 23, in 2006 only 46 and in 2007only 25 Muslims were recruited in police department.

According to Abu Beg, senior police inspector if a Muslim wants to goin police department he should be aware of Marathi language. Not onlyMarathi language he should also be aware of Marathi culture.

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