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आर.टी.आई. अवार्ड्स पर प्रदीप प्रधान द्वारा अरविन्द केजरीवाल को लिखा गया एक पत्र...

Let’s share your facts about National RTI Award Ceremony-
An Open Letter to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (15)

Dear Arvind,

New Year Greetings from Orissa

Over more than a month, we have been posting you with our findings on your National RTI Award, especially so far it related to the functioning of Orissa Information Commission. As you know, in course of those postings we showed how your survey was flawed not only in respect of Orissa Information Commission, but also in terms of its methodology, data base and conclusions. But regrettably enough, except only a single reply from your end and that too in initial days, we haven’t heard anything further on any of the questions raised by us- a fact, which puzzles us along with several RTI activists, who have been watching your Award story all through.

Be that as it may, what we seek to know from you at present is a detail report on the Award ceremony supposedly held on 1st Dec 2009 at Delhi. Your website (http://www.rtiawards.org) merely informs about who were selected in which of the categories (RTI citizen or PIO or Information Commissioner) to receive the award. But it offers no report on such details as venue, time and participants of the Ceremony etc. However, a news story titled ‘NDTV AND PUBLIC CAUSE RESEARCH FOUNDATION (PCRF) ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF FIRST RTI AWARDS’ available elsewhere (http://www.dishtracking.com/newsdetails.php?news_id=OTUz) informs a few details about the said ceremony along with a photograph showing Mr. Pranoy Roy offering awards to the winners. From this news story, we came to understand that while the citizen and PIO awardees were present on the occasion, no Commissioner was there to receive the award. Further, a PIB press release (http://www.pib.nic.in/release/rel_print_page1.asp?relid=54891
) carries only the text of the talk by Vice-President of India on the occasion, while remaining mute about other details of the ceremony held if any. It is but fair to beg of you a full story to be made available on your website on the RTI Award ceremony, if so held, informing specially the name of the Commissioners who happened to be present on the occasion.

Secondly, we have already informed you in our Open letter (14) that despite your announcement that the single award on Commission/Commissioner went to Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission, the Chief and State Information Commissioner of Orissa have given a false impression to the Minister I&PR, Orissa that they were awarded the Best Commission prize in the country and have received the award from him. A photograph showing the receipt of the award by the two Commissioners of Orissa from the Minister has been published by several local dailies including Pragativadi, the clipping of which was forwarded to you in our Open Letter (14). It is therefore imperative that a full, detailed report on the National Award Ceremony held at Delhi on 1st Dec last be published in your website in the interest of clearing the confusion once and for all.
With regards
Pradip Pradhan
State Convener
Right to Food Campaign, Orissa
Date- 6.1.09

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