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CIC asks Police to provide details about Delhi blasts accused

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: The Central Information Commission has ordered the Delhi Police to provide information about those arrested in connection with the September 2008 Delhi serial blasts. The CIC passed the order on an RTI application that had sought information about the Delhi blasts accused who have been arrested besides copy of post-mortem and FIR in the Batla House encounter case.
The CIC has also ordered the Delhi Police to provide a copy of FIR “minus the name of informant” in Batla case to the appellant RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil. As for copy of post-mortem report, the CIC wants to give an opportunity of hearing to Crime Branch and for this date of March 30 has been fixed. It is interesting that the post-mortem report has already been released to the RTI activist Sahil by National Human Rights Commission 10 days ago.

The CIC passed the order after hearing on Sahil’s second appeal conducted on February 9. But the CIC issued the order more than one month later, on March 12, while generally the order is issued the next day of the second appeal hearing and even posted on CIC website. But this rule was not followed in this case. It is noteworthy that CIC had taken more than one year in conducting hearing on the second appeal.

A couple of days after the hearing was conducted on February 9, Sahil checked with the CIC website, there was no information about this case. He contacted the office but did not get reply. He again contacted and was told the order has not been typed. At last he received a copy of the February 9 hearing order only on March 26. The order is dated March 12.

Sahil had originally filed a petition on September 25, 2008 seeking information about number of persons killed in Batla incident, copy of post-mortem, copy of FIR, number of people detained and arrested in connection with Delhi blasts (name, father’s name and address etc) and from where they detained or arrested and details of evidence regarding the arrested people. But the Delhi police did not provide him information on one ground or the other.

He filed first appeal on October 29, 2008 and two days later he got a reply wherein he was told about the number of people killed in the shootout and that the FIR was filed on that day. He was not provided any other information nor any document.

Sahil filed second appeal on January 27, 2009 as his queries were not replied properly. The hearing on this appeal should have been held within 90 days according to RTI law but the CIC itself took more than one year to conduct a hearing which was conducted on February 9.

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