सोमवार, 28 जून 2010

Bihar youth stopped from taking flight at Delhi Airport, twice in 15 days

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,
Patna: A 28-year-old man from Sitamadhi district in Bihar is a lot disturbed now. In a short period of 15 days Ataur Rahman @ Chand has been stopped from taking flight at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi by immigration officials at the behest of Special Cell of Delhi Police. Father of an 8-month-old babygirl and son of a Bihar police officer Chand, a non-matric, has no idea why it is happening to him.
An electrician by training, Chand was all set to take a flight for Doha (Qatar) on May 27 at IGI Airport. When he approached the Immigration desk for clearance, the officials at the desk stopped him and took him aside. When he asked why he was not being cleared he was taken to a room and asked to sit. An hour or two later some Delhi Police officials entered the room and began questioning him.

“I was dumbstruck at the very first question: what kind of weapons you have learned to use,” recalls Chand talking to TwoCircles.net from Delhi. “What are you saying, Sir?” he says he asked. “I have not got any training in weapons. I am an electrician, and going there on a visa for the job,” he said. The police officials interrogated him about 8 hours at the airport, and then allowed him to go. Chand says the police officers told him they have got some email about him for his alleged connection to terror activities. He vehemently denied this, and said the email could be a mischievous act to not let him go for job abroad.
Chand has lived in Saudi Arabia for four years, five years ago. Then he worked as unskilled labor in Riyadh. His two elder brothers are also working there. His father known as Annu Sipahi is a constable in Bihar Police, and posted in Purnea. He married about two years ago, and now has a baby of eight months. His younger brother is studying in Delhi. Chand gave all details to the interrogators.
After some days when he got normal he took new ticket for June 11, thinking the earlier incident was just incident and he has been cleared by the police as they did not take him into custody or file any case.
But again on June 11, he was stopped by the Immigration officials at the airport. The officials allegedly also used filthy language against him and said how he dared to come again so soon. After much persuasion he was told to approach Foreigner Regional Registration Office in Delhi.
When Chand reached FRRO office in R K Puram, he was told Delhi Police has asked them not to give him clearance. Feeling helpless, Chand has submitted an application with FRRO and Delhi Police to allow him to fly as his job visa will soon become invalid.
TCN called FRRO Delhi to know more but in vain. Repeated calls went blank.

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