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Jamia alumni in Riyadh raise Batla issue with ex-Okhla MLA

By TCN News,

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia): The Riyadh chapter of Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association raised the issue of Batla House encounter with visiting ex-Okhla MLA and present Member of Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of Indian Parliament) Parvez Hashmi. Hashmi was MLA of the area when the Batla shootout took place. The Association demanded CBI enquiry into the encounter.
A delegation comprising office bearers and founder members of Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association, Riyadh chapter met Parvez Hashmi, who is also secretary of All India Congress Committee, in Riyadh on Friday. The delegation was led by the President of the Association Mr. Murshid Kamal. The delegation held talks with the visting guest on issues like Batla House encounter and minority character of Jamia Millia Islamia. Hashmi, a former Transport Minister in Delhi government and four times MLA from Okhla constituency, was in the limelight in the last Assembly election after the notorious Batla House encounter (September 19, 2008) in which two Jamia students were killed and a police inspector had lost his life.
Welcoming Mr. Hashmi in the Kingdom Mr. Murshid Kamal, President of the Association, recalled his student days. He was always there for the support of students of Jamia and stood by the side of students union in their just demand for University special buses. Murshid, himself a former student union leader, said that on many occasions Mr. Hashmi helped him organizing rallies and demonstration by allowing him to have free access to as many as transport busses as he needed.
Mr. Laique Ahmad Azmi, Vice President of the Association briefed the visiting Member of Parliament about the social, cultural & philanthropic activities of the Association. Mr. Hashmi was highly impressed to know that Jamia Association is one of the few expatriates Association in the Kingdom which is elected through a truly democratic process after every two years.
Murshid Kamal raised the issue of Batla House encounter in which two students of Jamia belonging to Azamgarh were killed and others were arrested. He reiterated his demand for a CBI enquiry into the incident and speedy trials for the accused who are languishing in jail. Mr. Murshid also demanded the Congress led government for a legislation to amend Jamia Act 1988 which abolished the minority character of Jamia Millia Islamia.
Mr. Hashmi said, his government is serious about the social and educational upliftment of the muslims and he himself is in favor of restoration of minority character of Jamia Millia Islamia. Hashmi promised the delegation to convey the demand of the association to the concerned ministry.
Prominent among those present at the occasion were General Secretary of the Association Dr. Tanseer Ahmad, Joint Secretary Asif Equbal, founder members, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Khursheed Anwar, Aftab Nizami and Advisory member Mohammed Naushad.

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