सोमवार, 14 जून 2010

Batla House holds candle vigil for Bhopal victims

New Delhi: To demand justice for the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy, youths and students of Batla House area observed a candle vigil yesterday evening in Jamia Nagar area of New Delhi. They called terrorist both Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson and those who gave him protection.
The candle march jointly taken out by students group Yuva Koshish, National Alliance of People’s Union and Journalists Union for Civil Society was attended by students from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University besides social activists and local people.
Yuva Koshish president Ali Akhtar, while addressing the marchers, said: “Anderson is the biggest terrorist of India and those who gave him protection are not less than a terrorist. It is a tragedy for our country that killer of 180 people during Mumbai attack of 26/11 is given death sentence in a year but to convict the killer of 15000 people took 25 years. And as punishment they were given a sentence of two years in jail while the main accused is still at large.”
Shah Alam of Journalists Union for Civil Society said that only politics is being done on the issue and they are befooling the people.
Faisal Khan, Delhi state secretary of National Alliance of People’s Union, said the government has just played a joke with the gas victims who must get justice.
RTI activist Afroz Sahil also addressed the gathering and said that BJP had accepted donation from Dow Chemicals, the company which bought Union Carbide India and is responsible for all assets and liabilities of former owner of the gas plant.

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